a destroyed world, a new beginning. ...hopefully.

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a destroyed world, a new beginning. ...hopefully. Empty a destroyed world, a new beginning. ...hopefully.

Post  General Hawk on Sun Jul 05, 2009 2:30 am

the year is 2277, an apocolypse, 200 years ago, is still ravaging the survivors of the United States, Asia, and the European Commonwealth. everywere else is devoid of life. water is unclean, highly irradiated, several new strains of disease have started. Had it not been for the large sub-terreian fallout shelters, built before the war, ALL of humanity would most likely have died. the world's total population is only 300 million. with a lack of media, knowlege of construction, transportation, and electronics have been lost; it seems impossible to rebuild the earth.

...but not all hope has been lost.

a small team of scientists, living in a town made from the remains of an aircraft carrier in Washington D.C., are working tirelessly to purify the world's water. then, and only then, will the world have a chance at rebuilding.

if you can find them, and help them... the human race may have a chance of surviving.

(below is a bio example. this is MY character, however.)

Name: Nick Meisenhelter
Age: 27
Race: Caucasian
Sex: Male
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 188 lbs.
Weaponry 10mm SMG, broadsword, frag grenades (EVERYTHING is a weapon, be creative)
Skills: Small Guns, Speech, Computers
Location: Kansas City
History: Nick's previous generations of family were too poor to afford entry into the underground vaults, and so were left to the mercy of the bombs. while his familiy DID survive, massive radiation exposure caused severe damage to their bodies. this trait passed down to him, and he was born deformed. people who look like this, tend to talk with a raspy voice, due to vocal chord damage. 'regular' humans refer to his kind as 'ghouls', whom are opressed and put down due to their differences than the average person. because of this, Nick retreated to Necropolis, in the remains of Kansas City, a city made by, and for Ghouls. within this city, lies an undetonated atomic bomb with which he and the rest of its inhabitants worship. little does Nick know, his life is about to change...

Apperance: http://fallout3.wikispaces.com/file/view/Gob.jpg
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